Affordable Vintage Decor Ideas : From Boring Glassware to a New Vintage Gem


You want some new decorations but with so little budget? Then keep reading because you can get new affordable vintage decor ideas just from things you have around your house. From something as ordinary-looking as glassware to a pottery piece with just so little budget, without the need of buying such expensive ware, you can create something new. For starters, look around your house. You can find things such as glassware, that has been shoved in the back of your pantry or storage until you actually forget that you have them or the one that you can’t seem to throw out. Once you have found the glassware, you can follow these ideas!

1. Vintage Classic White with Ribbed Texture Look

This affordable vintage decor ideas is from @mcafeehomeliving. She changed an inexpensive glass vase to this expensive-looking real pottery vintage style with a ribbed texture to get this look. I will walk you through steps to replicate this look. First, you get the base. To get the perfect base you can use spray paint but preferably get paint that has all in one, including primer. Next, let’s get some icing on that cake, I mean, your glassware. To make a mixture of the plaster, you just mix it and no technicality there, just eyeball the ratio till you get that nice thick texture. Brush the plaster all over your glassware. You can use an icing spatula or wallpaper smoother to make a smooth plaster base. After your first plaster base dries, add another thicker second layer on (make sure your second layer is thick, to get that ribbed texture). Then, make the ridges with a fork or (brush cleaner; the one she used). You’re almost done. After it dries, you can smooth out the big chunks with sandpaper to get a more natural look. The last step for the finishing touch, give another original base paint over it then another different color over it, after it dries and you can redo the paint or adds more until you are satisfied with the results. Don’t go yet, to get that real vintage look, mix a mixture of dirt, yes dirt, don’t worry just trust the end results! And just get on that dirt mixture with a brush over your piece, and voila! You get this real vintage gem with minimum budget and minimum effort but beautiful results.
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